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Astaberry offers herbal body lotions that keep the skin hydrated and nourished throughout the day. Our natural products moisturise the tissues and allow them to rejuvenate and replenish the flaky outer layer of dead skin with younger vibrant cells from underneath. Our lotions are made from herbal ingredients prescribed in Ayurvedic texts and help the user to control their ageing process and look radiant throughout the day.
Daily Moisturiser
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    1. Cocoa Butter Moisturizer
Cocoa Butter
Almond & Aloe Moisturizer


We suggest our consumers to take special care of themselves as contact with environmental pollutants and toxins along with the hectic pace of life take a toll on their bodies. We recommend daily use of our products which contain essential oils prescribed for keeping the complexion healthy, young and supple. Our herbal ingredients include Baheda which is a natural conditioner and calms and soothes sensitive skin.

We currently offer two Ayurvedic formulations, a Soothing Body Lotion and a Daily Moisturiser. The former is specially suited for sensitive skin as its ingredient Aloe Vera heals, moisturises and soothes irritated complexions while natural Almond Oil acts an emollient and antioxidant. The cream helps remove excessive dryness and hydrates the outer layer allowing the tissues to rejuvenate quickly.

The Daily Moisturiser is formulated from Honey and Vitamin E and is ideal for replacing body oil lost during bathing or during the normal course of the day. The presence of Vitamin E helps the cream to protect the skin and combat free radicals and other toxins. The solution has a therapeutic effect on the user and helps the tissues recover from the daily loss of essential oils and water.

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