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Skin Consulation

Skin is the largest and most visible organ of the human body. It is a clear indicator of our inner health, well-being and natural beauty. Radiant, glowing skin makes us feel confident and beautiful. The secret is to understand what your skin type is and how to take care of it properly.

Is it oily, combination, normal or dry? Or maybe sensitive skin.Everyone has a unique skin profile & will have concerns in different categories. In order to pick the right skin care products, you need to have some sort of idea what your skin type is.

Answer these 7 quick questions and experts will instantly create a custom skin care regime for your skin type:

  Know Your Skin Type

  1. 1. First thing in the morning, take a look at your face in bright light. What do you see?

  2.     a. It’s  shiny  with noticeable  blackheads

  3.     b. It  looks  flaky and feels taut

  4.     c. My forehead,chin and nose are shiny, the rest is tight and flaky

  5.     d. It’s  very pale, and there are occasional red or flaky patches

  6.     e. The surface is dull,I’m low on color and  there are noticeable lines and wrinkles

  7. 2. Wash your skin with some plain soap and water.Wait for about 20 minutes – now what do you notice?
  8.     a. It look less shiny

  9.     b. It looks and feels tighter – plus it’s gone a grey color

  10.     c. It’s less shiny on my nose and forehead but now my cheeks feel dreadful

  11.     d. It’s itchy, red and flaky- thanks a lot

    e. My lines and wrinkles are even more noticeable- but I’ve got some color back into my skin tone

  1. 3. Do you get spots?
  2.     a. Yes, I'm prone to blackheads, whiteheads or big red ones that hurt

  3.     b. Not really- only around my period or if I use thick moisturizer

  4.     c. Only on my nose , forehead and chin

  5.     d. Yes, but they' re red rather than whiteheads-or I get rashes

    e. Very rarely

  1. 4. Look at your nose and the area around it- what do you notice most?
  2.     a. Blackheads, whiteheads and oil

  3.     b. Flaky patches and redness around my nostrils

  4.     c. That my nose and cheeks look like they’re from two different faces- my nose is shiny, my cheeks are dull

  5.     d. There are lots of little red veins and high color on my cheeks

  6.     e. I’ve lots of open pores


  1. 5. Take your index finger and lightly press your cheek upwards. What do you see?
  2.     a. Nothing really
        b. I Get loads of tiny lines like crepe paper that vanish when I stop.
        c. Some lines appears, but when I stop pressing they go away
        d. The area goes white, then red or it feels hot    

        e. I get folds of skin forming and it takes a while to snap back to normal.


  1. 6. Now get a magnifying mirror - or at least stand in some really bright natural light. Look at your pores- what are they like?
  2.     a. Big, black and shiny
        b. Practically non- existent
        c. Big on my nose, chin or forehead, but non- existent elsewhere
        d. Practically non- existent
         e. Large but clear- there’s no oil there

  1. 7. Apply your make-up as normal in the morning, then at lunchtime take a long hard look in the mirror. What’s happened?

  2.     a. What’s left of it is shiny, but most of it has disappeared

  3.     b. It’s gone blotchy and flaky

  4.     c. My cheeks aren’t so bad, but my nose is shiny

  5.     d. My skin looks a bit red and irritated.

  6.     e. It’s settled on the lines of my face or looks dry.



Mostly A’s: You have oily skin

  1. Oily Skin Characteristics:

    1.     a. Skin shines and often has enlarged pores.

    2.     b. Skin is prone to breakouts, acnes, pimples & blackheads

    3.     c. Shiny T Zone (forehead, nose & chin)

    4.     d. Frequent acne on other areas such as back and chest

  2. Oily skin is very common for people in their teens and early 20's. You should always cleanse using a gel cleanser, and moisturize using a light moisturizer or serum.
    Our experts have selected the following Astaberry products for you as per your skin type:

    Nutrispa‘s Pure Botanical Range

    Mostly B’s: You have dry skin

    Dry Skin Characteristics:

    1.     a. Feels dry to touch

    2.     b. Skin is usually tight & prone to flaking or chapping

    3.     c. Shiny T Zone (forehead, nose & chin)

    4.     d. Looks dull and lifeless

    5.     e. Often deals with surface wrinkles and fine lines due to dehydration.

  3. Not only should you be washing, toning and moisturizing in the morning, you should also make sure to do the same at night.

    Our experts have selected the following Astaberry products for you as per your skin type:

    Nutrispa'sAqua Life Range

    Mostly C's: You have combination skin

  4. Combination Skin Characteristics

    1.     a. Oily T-zone and dry cheeks.

    2.     b. Occasional breakouts and larger than normal pores, especially on the nose.

  5. Combination skin requires gentle oil control in certain areas as well as moisture to ensure even healthy skin.

    Our experts have selected the following Astaberry products for you as per your skin type:

    Nutrispa'sTomato & Pine Bark Range

    Mostly D's: You have sensitive skin
    Sensitive Skin Characteristics:

    1.     a. Pores are visible but not large or clogged

    2.     b. Skin is neither shiny nor has dry patches

    3.     c. Skin has previously reacted to certain skincare products

    4.     d. Skin flares up with external stress factors such as extreme weather conditions.

  6. People with sensitive skin should use gentle products formulated to minimize irritation.

    Our experts have selected the following Astaberry products for you as per your skin type:

    Nutrispa'sPearl Essence Range

    Mostly E's: You have maturing skin

  7. Maturing Skin Characteristics:

    1.     a. First signs of ageing (30+)
                 • Smooth skin with some wrinkles
                 • Fine lines around the eyes, mouth & forehead

    2.     b. Deeper wrinkles (40+)
                 • Skin has lost its firmness
                 • Deep wrinkles have appeared

  8. Our experts have selected the following Astaberry products for you as per your skin type:
    Nutrispa'sGreen Heritage Range

  Cosmetics Product Contract Manufacturing

Astaberry manufactures and exports Ayurvedic personal body care products under its own brand and for private labels. We use herbal ingredients grown specifically in our Himalayan farms to ensure the purity and quality of the natural solutions. Each formulation is the result of years of research on ancient preparation guidelines found in Ayurvedic texts. Other components are sourced directly from the original manufacturers who guarantee their items are made from IP / BP quality ingredients.

We have integrated the wisdom of the ancient Indian prescriptions for the body's health and well being with modern technology and preparation procedures. Every Ayurvedic offering has passed stringent quality parameters for diverse people with varied skin types residing across different cultures and climates. Our natural solutions have been approved for universal use across the world. We manufacture and export to various countries such as Australia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Italy and USA.

We undertake customised contract manufacturing for organisations and individuals seeking to partner with an authentic herbal products company. We partner with distributors and importers from global markets and package the natural cosmetics under their brand. We ensure that all guidelines and parameters with respect to quality and usage are adhered to and properly enumerated on the containers. We have the ability to turnaround and deliver large bulk orders within a short time from our two production facilities in North India. We can handle all supply and logistics for our partners from manufacturing to distribution and can also help them deliver the items to their distributors and clients.

Our cosmetics and body care products can be categorised and shortlisted for use in different climates based upon their ingredients. Some of our herbal offerings contain Aloe Vera, Cucumber and essential oils which cool and soothe the skin making them ideal for desert climates in the Middle East and Africa. Other natural packs contain special oil control formulae that make them ideal for tropical and humid climates in South and South East Asia. We have also designed certain herbal cosmetics especially for cold and temperate climates. These prevent dryness and loss of essential oils and keep the skin radiant and supple throughout the year.

Our scrubs and face washes contain natural antioxidants and oil control constituents that remove grime and nourish the face at the same time. We understand that most of our users stay in ever-increasing polluted cities and have a hectic daily schedule. We have therefore made our offerings as quick-apply-and-wash formulations which do not take much time to use. The packs are designed to fit easily into ladies' purses and bags for regular use during the day. We can also package our offerings into customised containers, jars or tubes preferred by our partners. This helps them to reduce their marketing expenses and deliver a final solution right from our factory to their consumers.

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