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Astaberry offers timeless natural anti-ageing creams, cleansers and gels that remove fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin to leave it young and glowing. Our herbal solutions are formulated from ancient preparations of medicinal and therapeutic herbs that provide nutrients and moisturisers which reverse the effects of ageing. Our natural products have been appreciated across geographies and climates for their ability to tone and replenish the skin with younger cells.
Anti Wrinkle creme
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Under Eye Creme
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Under Eye Creme
The advances in years and the stress in people's daily lives tend to make their face sag and look dull. Moreover, the presence of chemicals and toxins in food and personal care products slowly destroys the body's ability to heal itself. Under these circumstances, it becomes extremely important that people take care of themselves more proactively and take steps to help their body renew itself.

Our herbal anti-ageing solutions have been specially formulated to counter the adverse impact of fast paced modern life. They contain natural ingredients that remove toxins, regulate blood supply to the epidermis and help generate new cells that have more elasticity and water content. The herbal offerings pamper your body and leave it feeling fresh, young and supple. Regular use of our creams and cleansers is recommended for a healthier younger complexion that glows with inner radiance and beauty.

Our Anti Wrinkle Crème contains Gotu Kola, Honey and Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha) that act as an antiseptic and moisturiser and revives the face and body; the Wine Face Wash made from Red Grape extracts and Glycerine improves elasticity, firmness and moisture content; the Orange Gel tones the skin and makes it younger and vibrant; and the Under Eye Crème nourishes and revitalises the area to remove puffiness and dark circles.
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