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Face Packs
We provide natural face masks that deep cleanse and rejuvenate the skin leaving it supple and toned. The Astaberry face packs are extremely effective in treating tired and sagging facial cells as they go into the pores and remove all grime, oil and pollutants. Each of the products is designed for specific purposes such as revitalising, whitening, acne removal, cleansing and polishing.
Fruit Lep
Nourishing & Revitalizing
Face Pack
Kesar Lep
Skin Whitening & Fairness
Thyme Lep
Anti Acne & anti Pimple Face Pack
Aloe Lep
Cleansing & Hydrating Face Pack
Bhimsaini Ubtan
Purifying& Polishing
Detan Pack

The packs use natural products such as Clay and Herbal Oils that replenish the tired cells of the epithelium while cleaning it of impurities. The non-allergic ingredients in the solutions make them extremely effective for people with sensitive skin. The masks remove the outer flaky dead cells and help the healthy lower layers rejuvenate the facial tone and texture.

Our offerings comprise of Fruit Lep made from Papaya, Cucumber and Watermelon which nourish and revitalise the face and Kesar Lep created from twelve Ayurvedic herbs including Saffron, Sandalwood and Turmeric which makes the face fairer with each use. The Thyme Lep has been specially formulated as an anti-acne and anti-pimple package and is extremely popular among the youth.

We also offer the Aloe Lep targeted for cleaning and hydrating the skin. The package contains Orange Peel that lends its antioxidant properties and Wheat Germ that acts as an excellent emollient besides the medicinal Aloe Vera. Another popular product is our Bhimsaini Ubtan pack that includes seventeen Ayurvedic herbs including Walnut, Rose Petals, Sandalwood, Lentils and Winter Cherry. The pack is useful for various conditions such as blemishes, dark spots, pimples, scars, sunburns and other discolourations.
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